The Medical Cannabis Clinics are the UK’s most experienced and respected private clinics specialising in innovative cannabis-based therapies. We help meet the medical needs of people living with a range of chronic and debilitating conditions, whose previous treatments have not been sufficiently effective.

We provide premium care for patients with innovative, effective treatment, overseen by the UK’s leading medical cannabis specialists with clinics in London and across the country.

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Innovative treatments

We provide premium care for patients with innovative, effective and reliable treatment in each of our clinics. Our colleagues are highly motivated and focused on delivering an exclusive level of medical care to all our patients, overseen by our distinguished panel of clinical specialists. They have unmatched experience, offering a wide suite of services, and taking a multidisciplinary approach to cannabis therapy.

What is medical cannabis?

Medical cannabis comes from three different species of wild cannabis: sativa, indica and ruderalis. Used as a medicine for thousands of years, two main cannabis chemicals have the most medical benefit; THC and CBD. Treatments with different ratios of THC & CBD are prescribed for particular conditions and symptoms.

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Conditions & symptoms

No conditions are barred from cannabis prescription in the UK.

Conditions & symptoms


Our specialists are the UK’s most experienced and respected group of medical cannabis practitioners and include leading experts in pain, neurology and psychiatry.

Consultant Psychiatrist
Consultant Psychiatrist
Stroke & Neurosciences
Professor Michael Barnes
MD FRCP, Clinical Director
Neurological Complex Care Specialist
Neurological Rehabilitation Specialist
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Our specialist clinicians consider whether medical cannabis may be a suitable treatment for patients through a detailed, case-by-case review of medical history, condition and symptoms, via an in-depth questionnaire and referral from a health care professional. Find out more about becoming a patient.

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