Effective medical cannabis care is here

We offer personalised treatments for chronic and debilitating conditions. Meet with one of our specialist doctors. 

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Independently regulated

The Medical Cannabis Clinics are directly regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC); the official regulator of health and adult social care in England. This is to ensure safe, effective and compassionate care throughout our services.


How it works


Book an appointment

Book an appointment in just a few minutes, with a date and time that suits you.


Meet your specialist doctor

You’ll be sent a private online video link to talk to your selected doctor in confidence.


Receive your prescription

If you receive a prescription from the doctor, we'll send it to a local pharmacy, or one of your choice. Your medication will be delivered to you (UK only).

Meet our team of experts

We are the UK’s largest network of prescribing doctors encompassing the spectrum of conditions and symptoms which can be effectively treated by medical cannabis.

All of our experts represent the highest level of medical expertise. They are dedicated to supporting and guiding each and every patient through their personal treatment plans.

Telemedicine makes it possible for our experts to be there for you when when you need them.

What our customers say

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Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service. A very friendly, helpful experience which I highly recommend.


Excellent service. Highly recommended.

I found my experience with Medical Cannabis Clinics to be excellent. At all times during the process information was presented clearly and that was easy to understand.


Great help

Great help! Easy to work with! Highly recommend

Tony Manning

Really positive experience using The…

Really positive experience using The Medical Cannabis Clinics. Responsive and efficient. Great staff.



Can't speak highly enough of this organisation. So friendly, so easy to use. Thanks guys for all your hard work!

Tom Jones

Great customer service

Great customer service experience and highly recommend.


See our reviews

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Consultation pricing

First consultation

A specialist in your specific conditions will assess you to understand your needs and symptoms. A treatment plan will be designed for you.


Follow-up appointment

A specialist in your specific conditions will assess your response to the medication and prescribe any adjustments accordingly.


Medicine reissue

A prescribing doctor will issue a fresh prescription for another dosage of your medication.


  • Prescription cannabis treatment

  • Access to expert advice and ongoing patient support

  • Easy and safe personalised video consultation

Effective medical cannabis treatment is here

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