About The Medical Cannabis Clinics

Who are The Medical Cannabis Clinics?

The Medical Cannabis Clinics (TMCC) are the UK’s top cannabis clinic applying cannabis-based therapy and treatment for patients suffering from chronic pain, neurological, psychiatric and other conditions.

We ensure that patients with unmet medical needs are able to access safe and effective medical cannabis therapies.

Industry leaders through experience

For years the Chair of our Medical Advisory, Professor Michael Barnes, has fought to change attitudes to cannabis-based therapy, standing up for the rights of patients to have the choice. He and the other specialists in our team formed strong links with the best practitioners overseas – in countries such as the US and Canada – where medical cannabis was legal earlier. The extra support and training they gained in this way gave us a tremendous head start in the UK and has helped us to be the country’s leaders in medical cannabis therapy from day one of legalisation.

Innovative and effective cannabis-based therapy

We specialise in innovative cannabis-based therapy and prescription of cannabinoids to patients who have exhausted all existing treatment options, and where medical cannabis has been proven to deliver significant therapeutic benefit.

Cannabis therapy when previous treatment fails

We provide cannabis-based therapy for patients suffering from conditions where existing treatments have not been effective. Despite the change in law in November 2018, patients are struggling to access cannabis-based treatment via the NHS. The Medical Cannabis Clinics are a vital lifeline.

Patient-first premium medical care

The Medical Cannabis Clinics provide premium, effective medical cannabis care that puts patients first in everything that we do. Our staff are highly trained and genuinely motivated to improve the quality of life of their patients. Our specialists are the most respected and experienced medical cannabis practitioners in the UK.

Improving quality of life

We are dedicated to expanding patient access to safe and effective medical cannabis treatments which have been found to improve the quality of life of people suffering from debilitating conditions. These include chronic pain, as well as neurological and psychiatric conditions and symptoms.

Transforming access to medical cannabis

We are transforming access to medical cannabis by developing our network of clinics across the UK – and into Europe – to ensure that patients can benefit from medical cannabis treatments when nothing else has proven to be effective. NHS patients who have been clinically referred and funded are able to attend and access treatment at our clinics.

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