Medical Cannabis & PTSD

PTSD is a term that started being used in the 1970s, although it was first listed in the third edition of the DSM in 1980. The inclusion of the term within the manual is largely thought to be due to the increased awareness around the mental issues Vietnam war veterans were experiencing following their service. PTSD is not just experienced by veterans though. It can be experienced by anyone who...

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Cannabis in the body

With both the proliferation of CBD across the globe and the increasing adoption of medical cannabis programmes worldwide, the range of possible benefits from cannabis-based products are being recognised more and more. At the same time, as these medical cannabis products and CBD concoctions are becoming more commonplace, people are understandably questioning why this sudden rise in popularity...

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TMCC – UK’s first national network of medical cannabis clinics

UK’s first national network of medical cannabis clinics ignites a step change in patient numbers Doctors working for The Medical Cannabis Clinics are now breaking the mould to allow qualifying patients access to cannabis across the country. The Medical Cannabis Clinics, recently CQC registered, is the UK’s largest and fastest growing chain of private cannabis clinics, with doctors now...

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