Beginner’s guide to CBD & THC

CBD & THC. You’ve probably heard of them before. But you’ve probably heard about them in very different ways. In recent years CBD has been heralded as a miracle product that can treat a range of conditions, improve your well-being, give you beautiful skin and even help your pets to stay calm. On the other hand THC is generally regarded as a cannabinoid to be avoided at all costs, as a...

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Why we start low & go slow

Prescribing medical cannabis is not a straightforward matter. Even when the many legislative hurdles are overcome and a medical cannabis prescription is ready to be written, there are a number of factors that have to be considered to ensure that patients get medical cannabis care that is as safe and effective as possible.  This is why doctors at our clinics create a rational cannabis care...

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Illegal THC levels on UK high street

We’ve known for a while now that there’s a problem with high street CBD. With a number of different regulators depending on the type of product, from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) to the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, the authorisation process for what CBD can be sold in our shops is far from concrete.  The latest news that CBD oil being sold in UK high street...

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