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The UK’s leading medical cannabis practitioners

The Medical Cannabis Clinics specialists are the most experienced and respected group of practitioners working with medical cannabis in the UK today. They include leading experts across Pain, Neurology and Psychiatry.

  • Professor Michael Barnes, MD FRCP, Clinical Director

    Professor Barnes MD FRCP is a leading clinical neurologist and consultant in rehabilitation medicine. He is the Honorary Professor of Neurological Rehabilitation at the University of Newcastle, Founder and President of the World Federation of Neurological Rehabilitation and past President of the British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine and was elected to the membership of the European Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine. He has also served as the chief executive of several NHS organisations and is considered to be a leading world authority in neurological rehabilitation.

    Professor Barnes co-authored the All-Party Parliamentary Group report on the evidence for medical cannabis as part of its Drug Policy Reform, working with the Irish Parliament on the medical cannabis debate through discussion and lectures.

    He has spoken at multiple conferences and forums (including medical conferences and parliamentary meetings) on the topic, is a supporter of End Our Pain, the campaign for medical cannabis law change, and is also a Trustee of medical cannabis law reform organisation CLEAR, and the patient medical cannabis campaign group United Patients Alliance. As the first UK doctor to successfully negotiate a prescription for medical cannabis from the government (in the case of Alfie Dingley), Professor Barnes is recognised as a powerful and influential voice in medical cannabis policy in Europe.

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