Dr. Elizabeth Iveson

Dr. Elizabeth Iveson

Dr Liz Iveson has been working with patients in this field for over ten years, she currently works with The Medical Cannabis clinics specialising in complex care, neurorehabilitation and elderly medicine. 

Dr Iveson has a long history of commitment to clinical research and was the Regional Lead for Stroke in the Yorkshire and Humber Combined Local Research Network. Recently, she has become interested in medical cannabis as a treatment option and supports complex care patients who have multiple symptoms, such as pain from many different causes and those struggling with fatigue and mood disorders. 

“As a Consultant Physician specialising in complex care and neurorehabilitation, I support patients of all ages who experience a range of chronic symptoms arising from long-term conditions, stroke and trauma. I have particular experience in all aspects of stroke care, neurological rehabilitation and frailty. I offer holistic, comprehensive management of patients with multiple comorbidities and symptoms such as spasticity, chronic pain, fatigue, cognitive impairment and mood disorders. I’m dedicated to providing specialist, patient-centred, holistic care for patients and their families through my work. I am passionate about communicating well and involving patients in decisions about their care. I look at patients as a whole; working with them and their families to improve their quality of life.”

During her career, Dr Iveson has been elected as a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians in 2020 and is a member of the British Associate of Stroke Physicians, British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine, British Geriatric Society and the World Federation for Neurorehabilitation Organisation.

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