Dr. Princewill Ikwuagwu

Dr. Princewill Ikwuagwu

MD, FWACP, Diploma in Psychiatry, DPM, MRCPsych

Dr Ikwuagwu is a fully GMC registered general adult psychiatrist with over thirty-seven years of experience in the assessment and management of all types of mental health disorders, including mental disorders and co-morbid alcohol and substance misuse disorders. 

Besides his primary speciality, Dr Ikwuagwu has a special interest in adult ADHD and, in conjunctions with the previous Service Manager of the Blackpool Primary/Intermediate Health Team (P/IMHT), he set up the Blackpool adult ADHD clinic, the only clinic of its kind on the Fylde Coast. 

Since retiring from his substantive consultant role in December 2018, Dr Ikwuagwu has returned to part-time NHS work to support younger acting consultant psychiatrists with acquiring the relevant competencies they require to obtain Approved Clinician (AC) status and currently works predominantly in the inpatient setting. He has also set up and runs the Blackpool Young Persons Clinic alongside the Blackpool CAMHS. This involves assessing and managing young persons aged between 15 and 21 who suffer from different types of mental health problems and sometimes with comorbid alcohol and substance misuse disorder.

“After completing my medical training in Bucharest in 1981, I did the first part of my psychiatric residency training at Jos University Teaching Hospital in Nigeria until 1992, when I then moved to the UK to carry on my training between 1993-1996. From 2017 to date, I am a Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DOLS) assessor and work with several councils across the North West region of the UK and beyond with this. From these experiences, I have been able to develop a keen clinical ability to listen, empathise and understand the psychic distress/pain of my patients. I believe that providing patients with a listening ear, a good understanding of why they were referred to me and the ability to engage them in a journey of collaborative and non-judgemental management is important.”

As a consultant psychiatrist, Dr Ikwuagwu fully understands and appreciates the role of culture in the assessment and management of those in need of psychiatric care. Through his training, clinical practice and other experiences, he has acquired a good understanding of patient needs and looks to create a sound therapeutic milieu that reassures and encourages his patients to fully participate in a collaborative plan to manage their symptoms.

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