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Many patients living with chronic and long-term conditions are open to trying medical cannabis treatments. As healthcare professionals, we understand that you may have questions before referring your patient for treatment at The Medical Cannabis Clinics. In addition to our FAQs, we have addressed some common queries below.

On 1 November 2018, medical cannabis became a schedule 2 category drug, meaning that it can be prescribed to patients under certain conditions. Only consultants on the GMC Specialist Register can prescribe medical cannabis when traditional treatments do not provide symptom relief for patients.


Frequently asked questions

We are working closely with TAOMC who are offering both course modules and face-to-face training that will allow you to provide necessary access to revolutionary treatment and improve the quality of life of patients in need. Visit:

Explore the range pain, neurological and psychiatric conditions that may be relieved by medical cannabis treatment.

Patients living with chronic pain, the effects of treatment-resistant epilepsy or those suffering the side effects of chemotherapy could benefit, as well as patients living with a range of psychiatric conditions including PTSD, OCD and anxiety.

Following an initial contact with The Medical Cannabis Clinics, individuals who wish to become patients are asked to complete a comprehensive medical history questionnaire and return this to us, along with a referral letter, for detailed review by our clinicians.

Our experts review the information to ensure there are no contraindications or reasons that medical cannabis treatment may be unsuitable for the patient. If it is felt that medical cannabis could benefit the patient, the clinic team will contact them to arrange an appointment.

We require a standard referral letter which details a patient’s condition and symptoms, medical history and any medication currently being prescribed.

Patients will be given a prescription to take to a pharmacy of their choice. The pharmacist will contact the supplier who will send the treatment directly to the pharmacy for the patient to collect.

Some prescriptions may be delivered the next working day. Other prescriptions could take up to 28 days. Government guidelines allow medical cannabis treatments to be prescribed for 28 days only, so as part of our aftercare programme there are follow up appointments scheduled regularly.

There are no medications kept on-site at The Medical Cannabis Clinics locations.

Patients of The Medical Cannabis Clinics have regular follow up appointments so our clinicians can closely monitor the treatment to ensure it is having the desired effects or adjust the medication as required.

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