Everything you need to know about medical cannabis clinic treatment in the UK

Find out here everything you need to know about our medical cannabis clinic and treatment in the UK. From consultation to prescription, we’ve got it covered. You may have many questions on your mind before booking an appointment. We’ve tried to make it as clear as possible  and have put together a summary of what you need to know about a medical cannabis treatment plan in the UK.

Many patients come to our clinic seeking treatment for Pain conditions, Psychiatric conditions and Neurological conditions.

Other patients come to us to be treated for the side effects and symptoms of Cancer conditions.

We recommend you visit our Conditions and Symptom page to understand how medical cannabis can help your particular condition.

We also recommend that you look at our Doctors page  and find out more about the specialist who can treat your condition.

How do I know if I’m eligible for a medical cannabis (marijuana) prescription in the UK?

Please note that before an appointment can go ahead, you must first be assessed as eligible for medical cannabis (marijuana) treatment.

In order to be eligible for medical cannabis (marijuana) treatment, we need to check that you have tried other courses of medication previously.

  • Have you tried at least 2 other licensed medications for your condition, prescribed either by your GP or other specialist?
    • If your answer is no then unfortunately you are not eligible at this point in time. If your answer is yes – then this must be reflected and documented in your past medical history from your GP
  • Have you ever been diagnosed with Schizophrenia or Psychosis?
    • If your answer is yes then unfortunately you are not eligible for a consultation or treatment.

All of our appointments take place by tele-medicine over video link.

All of our appointments take place via video link so you can see a specialist expert from the comfort of your own home. (If you are seeing a doctor in Jersey, this will take place in-person at the clinic)

Get seen by a team of expert specialists

We are proud to be the biggest and most experienced medical cannabis clinic in the UK. Our team of expert specialists is headed up by Medical Director Dr Sunny Nayee. Our team treat a range of condition symptoms. ranging from pain, psychiatric, neurological, cancer and complex care. To read more see here.

Read our Patient Testimonials

Read a selection of our Patient Testimonials here. We are delighted to have helped thousands of patients across the country.

How to book an appointment online

Please fill in the Initial Consultation form here and proceed to book your appointment with one of our specialist doctors. Select your condition and then proceed to the next screen to select the date and time

Please ensure you book your appointment at least 7 days in advance to give us time to process your records so we can collate your medical Summary of Care Records from your GP.

We will contact your GP to collect your medical records

You don’t need your GP’s approval or permission to book an appointment with us. All patients are permitted to self-refer for a private appointment. With your permission we will collect your documents from your GP. We will also communicate the outcome of the appointment back to your GP.

What happens after my Initial Consultation?

The specialist will write a prescription based upon your assessment This will then go forward to a panel of other specialists for a peer review and approval.

This peer review takes place twice a week. Once the prescription has been approved by the panel, we will contact you to let you know. This normally happens in the next 5-7 working days after your consultation. We will then arrange the next steps with the pharmacy where you can pay for your medication and have it sent to you.

What happens after my prescription is approved?

Your doctor will email a scanned copy of the written prescription to the pharmacy so they can reserve and prepare your medication.

Your doctor will also send a paper copy of your prescription to the pharmacy in order for the dispensary to release the medication to you. This is a legal requirement. The pharmacy will then contact you for payment either online or over the phone.

When should I book my next appointment?

We recommend that all follow-up appointments are booked enough time in advance before your medication runs out. For example, if you received your medication on the 1st of the month, we recommend you book an appointment 3 weeks later on the 23rd of the month. This ensures enough time for the doctor to assess your progress and ensure your next prescription supply is issued on time.

Why do I need a follow-up appointment?

In order to continue with your treatment plan, a follow-up appointment will be required after the first month’s medication. Sometimes appointment slots can be limited so we recommend that you book your appointment in advance. If none are available for your desired dates and times, we will email you in the future to let you know when more appointments have been released.

We recommend that all patients book a follow-up appointment with their doctor, a minimum of 3 weeks after commencing their medication. We recommend that all follow-up appointments are booked enough time in advance before your medication runs out.

For example, if you received your medication on the 1st of the month, we recommend you book an appointment 3 weeks later on the 23rd of the month. This ensures enough time for the doctor to assess your progress and ensure your next prescription supply is issued on time.

Your specialist doctor will need to monitor your progress, assess your ongoing needs and if the level of medication is right for you and your condition.

How much will my medical cannabis medication cost?

The cost of medication will vary depending upon your condition, the assessment of the specialist and the type of medication prescribed. The medication costs from £100 upwards depending upon the condition.

How do I take my medical cannabis medication?

Medical cannabis is prescribed in either flower form (inhaled via vaping) or oil form (placed under the tongue). You can select to order your prescription at any eligible pharmacy.

How do I book a follow-up appointment?

Login to your account to book your follow-up appointment
Please login to your account here with your email and password (if you dont remember your password please select ‘reset password’.  Your account dashboard will contain a history of all your appointments.

What is the cost of a follow-up appointment?

All follow-up consultations cost £65 and last 15 mins.

How do I order a repeat prescription?

Repeat prescriptions are permitted so long as there are no changes to your prescription and you have already had an Initial Consultation and a Follow-up Appointment. Please note that repeat prescriptions can only be ordered twice consecutively before a follow-up appointment is necessary. This is a legal requirement so your doctor can monitor your ongoing progress as part of our patient care.

You can order a repeat prescription here if you a UK patient or here if you are seeing a doctor in Jersey

How much does a repeat prescription cost?

The cost for writing a repeat prescription is £30 in the UK or £20 in Jersey – note that this is separate to the cost of your medication, which will vary according to your particular requirements

I have some more questions that aren’t covered here  – how can I contact you?

Please see more questions answered in our FAQs here

If you have any more enquiries, please contact us via our Contact Form and fill out your details. One of our team will then be in touch with you shortly.




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