Introducing our Nurse Aftercare service

We are delighted to introduce Nurse-led aftercare appointments with our Clinical Nurse Advisor, Kat Boulton, as part of our service offering to all of our current and new patients. 

TMCC, Clinical Nurse Advisor,  Kat Boulton will be available to speak to patients after their initial consultations with the Specialist, to support them with their treatment plan as this is often a new medicine for our patients. She will be working closely with our team of Specialists, constantly updating them on our patients’ progress. 

The nurse clinic will initially take place twice a week at the following times and patients will be able to book a 15 minute appointment (depending on demand these hours and times will increase as required).

  • Tuesday: 10am – 11am or 2pm – 3pm
  • Thursday: 10am – 11am or 3pm – 4pm

We recommend that patients book an Aftercare appointment with the nurse  2 – 3 weeks after starting medication. 

To book an appointment please login here and select Telemedicine – Aftercare.

Clinical Nurse Advisor, Kat Boulton says;

“I’m looking forward to connecting with patients and finding out how they are progressing with their medical cannabis treatment.  

I have personal and professional experience of the clinical benefits of medicinal cannabis particularly within pain management and epilepsy. 

I’m here to provide support, information and advocacy for all patients who need it.”