My Legal Cannabis Journey | The Second Legal Prescription

In the third article of this four-part series, Charles Cumming continues to tell us about his journey with medical cannabis and how the second prescription continued to help with his Crohn’s disease symptoms:

“My second prescription arrived in two separate deliveries, due to stock levels and the pharmacy having to order in one of the medicines. Within a few days, I received a balanced flower called Pedanios 8/8 from Aurora, which contained 8.4% THC and 8.4% CBD. Around a week later, two higher THC products from Spectrum, named No.2 and No.4 arrived. Both of these contained higher levels of THC, at 17% and 21% respectively, and as these were stronger medicines I was advised to use less.

After using the previous balanced CBD:THC medicine, I was keen to try a higher quality product at a similar strength. Instead of being pre-ground this time, the prescription arrived in whole flower form. This product had a dry, dull scent which left me wondering how this might affect the vapour. It was fairly fast acting, taking around ten minutes to give me pain relief without making me feel overwhelmed or high. However, I found myself feeling more lethargic and it didn’t help as much with my depression or appetite as the previous prescription had. I also found the vapour slightly harsh, which left my throat drier than before – but I continued to use it despite this as the psychoactive effects were reduced and it still assisted well with the pain.

The Spectrum No.2 medicine, however, was almost perfect. Although this was a higher THC product at 17%, its effects suited my condition incredibly well. Doses were much smaller at around 0.8g and took around six to eight minutes to take effect. Any pain was almost instantly alleviated, energy levels were boosted, my depression disappeared and my appetite was boosted. The vapour was also smooth and had a pleasant taste, so I knew that this was a variety that I would be coming back to.

The Indica, or No.4, was well suited for night time use and was also extremely effective for pain and body aches. I weighed around 0.08g into my vaporiser, and within ten minutes the effects became very noticeable. My eyes felt heavy and it put my body into a very relaxed state, but it wasn’t overwhelming and most importantly, allowed me to get to sleep very easily. Any side effects were moderate, with the usual dry mouth and increased appetite, but the vapour was smooth and didn’t irritate my lungs. I felt tired the next morning, but this disappeared within a few hours.

When my prescription started running low, I emailed the clinic and booked in for my next appointment. My doctor’s focus was, again, on offering me the best quality available and the best prices available. I chose the Spectrum No.2 again, but this time in a slightly larger quality, and a new night time medicine which was cheaper from Israel – this hadn’t had much feedback from other patients, but with the cost difference I was happy to try it out.”

To see how Charles is now doing on his medical cannabis journey, come back to read the final instalment of his experience.