Draft NICE guidelines will prevent patients from accessing medical cannabis on the NHS

“There are hundreds of thousands of people using cannabis-based medicines across the world and it’s having an enormously positive impact on their health.  The UK is insisting on reinventing the wheel for no reason – and the people who are suffering are patients.  I’m extremely disappointed.” Hannah Deacon, Patient Advocacy Specialist, The Medical Cannabis Clinics Last year, the...

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The Medical Cannabis Clinic ‘a lifeline for patients’

This week, The Medical Cannabis Clinics spoke to the BBC about access to medical cannabis as we await registration from care regulators the CQC, for our flagship Harley Street clinic. Although medical cannabis was legalised in the UK last year, only a handful of patients have secured access due to multiple barriers on the NHS. With over 150 patients now on our waiting list, we are doing all we...

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Understanding the evidence for medical cannabis treatments

People living with complex conditions and doctors prescribing treatments for patients have many questions about medical cannabis. Perhaps one of the biggest questions is if medical cannabis medicine works, and how well the evidence supports this. What's the evidence for the effectiveness of cannabis as a medicine? When it comes to the evidence of the efficacy of medical cannabis treatments, we...

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