Online Video Consultations

Dear patients, We know this is not an easy time for anyone. Please be clear, our services are running as normal, with no disruption to clinical consultations or the supply of cannabis medicines. From today our specialist doctors will be able to meet with you for your consultation via online video link. There is NO need to visit our clinics. For information on appointments already...

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The Medical Cannabis Clinics offer support to patients by launching a low cost patient access programme registry for data collection on quality-of-life

The Medical Cannabis Clinics (TMCC), has today launched a patient registry for up to 5,000 patients. The launch follows a recent policy change allowing bulk supply to be imported and held in the UK. The TMCC Access Programme will deliver: a reliable and quicker route for patients to access their medicines reduced clinician consultancy fees, and standardised, low-cost prescription...

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Medical Cannabis & PTSD

PTSD is a term that started being used in the 1970s, although it was first listed in the third edition of the DSM in 1980. The inclusion of the term within the manual is largely thought to be due to the increased awareness around the mental issues Vietnam war veterans were experiencing following their service. PTSD is not just experienced by veterans though. It can be experienced by anyone who...

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