Why we start low & go slow

Prescribing medical cannabis is not a straightforward matter. Even when the many legislative hurdles are overcome and a medical cannabis prescription is ready to be written, there are a number of factors that have to be considered to ensure that patients get medical cannabis care that is as safe and effective as possible.  This is why doctors at our clinics create a rational cannabis care...

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Why doctors need cannabis education

Speaking at Cannabis Europa’s Madrid event, LYPHE Group’s Head of Patient Access Hannah Deacon brought up an issue that sadly remains a crucial factor in the limited number of medical cannabis prescriptions being issued in the UK, despite it being over a year since medical cannabis was legalised. This issue is a lack of medical cannabis education for doctors. Speaking on this, Hannah Deacon...

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Medical vs recreational cannabis

The global cannabis landscape is something that’s changing all the time. And in different corners of the world, there’s different laws being put in place and different attitudes towards the substance being exhibited. All this varying legislation and opinion can understandably leave those new to the scene confused about what it all means, particularly considering the wide array of jargon...

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