Beginner’s guide to CBD & THC

CBD & THC. You’ve probably heard of them before. But you’ve probably heard about them in very different ways. In recent years CBD has been heralded as a miracle product that can treat a range of conditions, improve your well-being, give you beautiful skin and even help your pets to stay calm. On the other hand THC is generally regarded as a cannabinoid to be avoided at all costs, as a...

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Cannabis & spasticity

A condition that has a relatively large body of evidence when it comes to the efficacy of cannabis-based medicine is spasticity - particularly spasticity related to multiple sclerosis. While the most researched condition in relation to medical cannabis is chronic pain, spasticity is most likely the next most researched condition when it comes to cannabis treatment.  What is...

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Can cannabis treat epilepsy?

It’s been known for a number of years now that cannabis is an anticonvulsant and evidence is continually emerging that supports this claim. CBD in particular is a cannabinoid that has shown efficacy in epilepsy treatment, and it is thought that full-spectrum oils containing small amounts of THC may have an even greater effect upon patients.  But before we look into the evidence, let’s...

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