Illegal THC levels on UK high street

We’ve known for a while now that there’s a problem with high street CBD. With a number of different regulators depending on the type of product, from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) to the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, the authorisation process for what CBD can be sold in our shops is far from concrete.  The latest news that CBD oil being sold in UK high street...

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Cannabis in the body

With both the proliferation of CBD across the globe and the increasing adoption of medical cannabis programmes worldwide, the range of possible benefits from cannabis-based products are being recognised more and more. At the same time, as these medical cannabis products and CBD concoctions are becoming more commonplace, people are understandably questioning why this sudden rise in popularity...

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Cannabis plant basics

If you’re looking to understand medical cannabis treatment, it wouldn’t hurt to understand more about where it comes from too.  In this article, we lay out the absolute basics of the cannabis plant. The species Although some taxonomists believe that there may be just one species of cannabis plant (due to the plant’s ability to interbreed), cannabis as a plant is generally believed to...

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