CBD oil vs hemp seed oil

CBD oil and hemp seed oil - two trending skincare and health products in their own right. As they come from the same plant species, cannabis sativa, these two oils are often thought to be the same thing. In fact, some companies may purposefully market products as either CBD or hemp oil incorrectly to either get around regulations or to capitalise upon CBD’s modern ubiquity. However, these oils...

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Bioavailability & medical cannabis

What is bioavailability? Bioavailability is a term that is crucial to the understanding of pharmacology, which refers to “the degree and rate at which an administered drug is absorbed by the body's circulatory system, the systemic circulation.”  When trying to understand how any drug, and medical cannabis specifically, is absorbed and metabolised by the body, understanding...

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TMCC – UK’s first national network of medical cannabis clinics

UK’s first national network of medical cannabis clinics ignites a step change in patient numbers Doctors working for The Medical Cannabis Clinics are now breaking the mould to allow qualifying patients access to cannabis across the country. The Medical Cannabis Clinics, recently CQC registered, is the UK’s largest and fastest growing chain of private cannabis clinics, with doctors now...

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