Paediatric conditions

The aim of paediatric care is to treat and manage the symptoms of acutely ill young people and children suffering with a number of complex conditions.

At The Medical Cannabis Clinics, our specialist paediatricians have been trained in medical cannabis therapy with the aim of combining their existing child-centred speciality and knowledge of holistic paediatric care with medical cannabis expertise to provide exceptional care and give affected children a better quality of life.  

Our specialists will take care to assess your child’s specific condition and symptoms to provide them with the best quality medical cannabis care possible. 

If your child or patient satisfies the following conditions, they’ll be eligible to meet with one of our consultants:

  1. They’ve found other treatment options unsuccessful
  2. They’re aged 16 or younger
  3. You have or can get access to their patient notes

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How medical cannabis works:

Medical cannabis treatment modulates pain through the use of phytocannabinoids, which interact with the endocannabinoid and other neurotransmitter systems in the body that are involved in the pain response. 

While you can buy products that may seem like medical cannabis on the high street, like CBD oil or hemp oil, there’s no guarantee that these products are good quality or will have any health benefits.

Medical cannabis that’s available through prescription, like the treatments we offer, is regulated to a high standard and is only offered after a comprehensive health assessment from one of our specialists. In this case, you can be sure you’re getting high quality care with safe and effective products. 

Although there can be some side effects with these stronger, medical grade products, our clinical specialists monitor and adjust the prescribed medication accordingly on a regular basis to reduce these side effects as much as possible to ensure you’re satisfied with your care.