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Patient access


We are the UK’s largest medical cannabis clinic group.

We specialise in innovative cannabis-based therapy and prescribing of cannabinoids to patients who have exhausted all existing treatment options, and where medical cannabis has been proven to deliver significant therapeutic benefit.

Safety, patient care, and improving quality of life are of paramount importance to us. Medicine as we know is pivoting to alternative and less harmful treatments for a plethora of conditions, and we applaud this movement that has already brought such intense attention to the humble cannabis plant.

We are here to shine a light, to help, and to heal.

Medical cannabis data

Very little real-world data exists in the UK from patient-reported outcomes after using medical cannabis. As leaders in private clinical practice, it is our duty to collect more data on this important subject and contribute this evidence to the NHS and health policy groups as part of a wider body of clinical evidence.

All data that we collect is anonymised so your name will never show up. We have strict protocols in place as part of the design of the registry which is overseen by our Clinical Governance team.

What is in it for you?

Fast-track clinical care – We have designated discounted appointment slots across the week for opted in approved patients from the registry meaning very little waiting time before you are seen by one of our specialist clinicians across the country.

Standardised low cost prescriptions – By working closely with our partners we are able to ensure a payment structure for your medical cannabis that will stay consistent across your duration of inputting into the registry. Please enquire about the cost you can expect to pay for your medicine per month.

No hold-ups in receiving your prescription – Once your specialist clinician has had your prescription peer-reviewed our partners will be able to ensure you can redeem your medical cannabis prescription without delay.

Initial consultancy price


How to apply

In order to be approved into the registry, please complete the form on this page. We look forward to welcoming you into the registry.