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Cannabis supplements the body’s natural cannabis system; the endocannabinoid system.

This system has an effect on memory, control of movement, modulation of pain, development of nerve growth and plasticity, and the adaptability of the nervous system. It also has an influence on sleep, appetite, anxiety and social behaviour, as well as on the bladder, the bowels, the reproductive system, the heart, the hormonal and metabolic systems, and the control of cancer.

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A consultation with one of our specialists costs £250. 

Follow up appointments with our specialists cost £150 and take place after three weeks and then once per month for three months after receiving the medication, to monitor progress and make adjustments to the treatment plan as required. If during the first three months everything is progressing well, it may be appropriate to continue follow-up appointments as half hour phone conversations at £50.

The cost of medical cannabis prescriptions vary depending on the products recommended for you, and the dose of the medication which varies from person to person. We employ a ‘start low, go slow approach’ to achieve symptom relief depending on your case and indications.