The price of medical cannabis can vary widely in the UK, starting from free if you can get a prescription through the NHS. 

However, the number of patients who have managed to do so is still relatively low since medical cannabis was legalised in 2018.

Instead, many patients in the UK are being prescribed medical cannabis via private medical cannabis clinics. 

Cannabis access clinics can often offer initial consultations much faster than an NHS referral, which is life-changing for so many people suffering from chronic pain and other conditions.

Of course, private clinics do come with their own costs attached, starting from the initial assessment and the ongoing cannabis products themselves. 

However, it’s important to note that medical cannabis is still far safer and cheaper than buying on the black market.

Getting a full picture of how much you might be paying is vital before starting to look into treatments. Here’s a closer look at the costs associated with appointments, treatment, and prescriptions of medical cannabis.

Different forms of medicinal cannabis

To start with, cannabis products are available in a range of doses and formats, including oils, capsules and dried flower to vaporise. In the UK, medical cannabis must be prescribed by a specialist consultant after an in-depth consultation to ensure that they are appropriate for the individual patient.

It’s important to note that some CBD products are sold with marketing that makes them look like medicinal cannabis. However, whilst CBD is known to have some health benefits, this is not the same as medical cannabis and should not be used instead of formal treatment agreed upon by a doctor.

The type of medical cannabis UK patients are prescribed may affect the average cost of the treatment.

Do people take flower and oil together? Or can you take just flower or just oil?

When it comes to using the different forms of medical cannabis, your doctor may advise on a combination of flower and oil products or prescribe them on their own. What’s important is that you always follow the advice of your doctor for your own safety and to achieve the best results.

The costs of medical cannabis

Other factors that affect the average cost of the prescription is the THC content and the size of the dose. For example, for UK patients with certain conditions, high doses may be required, which increase the cost.

As cannabis medication is produced by private manufacturers in the UK, prices may also vary between different brands. If you find a brand that is cheaper than what you are currently using, be sure to discuss it with your specialist doctor before switching. The quality of the product or the concentration of the dose may be different, so it’s wise to get advice before changing your treatments.

CBD-only medications are usually fairly similar whether you have a prescription or are buying them over the counter, ranging from £7.50 and £15 per 100mg. In comparison, products containing THC will come with a higher cost.

What is the cost of a consultation?

Costs of consultation start from £49 at The Medical Cannabis Clinics in the UK. Included in that is the overall appraisal of your medical history and the advice from a dedicated professional on a dose and treatment that will offer you the biggest benefits.

How long is a usual treatment plan?

There is no set length for treatment. It completely depends on the individual patient and the condition that requires treatment. 

For some, there may be a defined length of treatment plan that will then be evaluated, while others may use medication indefinitely. Patients may start on an initial 6 month programme or continue for several years, as they see improvements in their condition. Ultimately, you can use this medication for as long as you and your doctor see fit.

How much does Project Twenty21 cost?

While the price of medical cannabis is not as high as the tens of thousands of pounds often quoted in the press, some patients are still unable to afford this price. 

No one should be left unable to pay for medication they genuinely need. At The Medical Cannabis Clinics, we do everything we can to improve access to medical marijuana.

One way that we try to make costs more achievable for our patients is through our partnership with Project Twenty21. With this programme, eligible patients can access affordable medical cannabis treatment at subsidised costs.

With Project Twenty21, different clinics charge different prices, ranging from £90 – £200 for an Initial Consultation and a Follow-up Consultation costs between £60 – £150. You’ll be pleased to know that at The Medical Cannabis Clinics we aim to keep costs as low as possible for our patients and only charge £90 for an initial consultation. Follow-up consultations are charged at £65.

When it comes to the actual medication cost, flower on the Twenty21 scheme costs between £65 and £150, while oil costs up to £150. A repeat prescription costs up to £30.

In return for subsidised costs, patients agree to share data about their treatment with Drug Science. Project Twenty21 aims to create the UK’s largest body of evidence for the effectiveness of medical cannabis.

It’s hoped that the findings of Project Twenty21 will provide sufficient evidence for NHS funding where the benefits of treatment with medicinal cannabis is proven to outweigh the potential risks. In turn, this will make it even easier for future patients to access a medical cannabis prescription.

What is the price of Bedrocan in the UK?

Bedrocan is a Dutch producer of cannabis flowers and the only company in the world that has the proven capability of producing standardised cannabis (whole, dried flower) that contain consistent levels of cannabinoids.

Their products are used by patients all over the world, including Australia, Italy, the Netherlands, and Germany. However, since Brexit, Bedrocan has unfortunately not been able to export their products to the UK.

Find a medical cannabis clinic in the UK

Our goal at The Medical Cannabis Clinics is always to make our patients’ lives easier. Chat to one of our Patient Advisors if you have any questions about the costs associated with medical cannabis, or book a consultation today.

Our appointments cost from just £49. Once you’ve had a consultation with your specialist doctor, you can receive your prescription at a local pharmacy of your choice.