Please note that pricing is as follows:

How much does an appointment cost at The Medical Cannabis Clinics?

A first consultation is normally priced at £150 however the cost is currently £70. Your appointment will take place via an online video link.  Before your appointment you will be required to fill in a medical questionnaire and a consent form which allows us to access your Medical Records from your GP and assess your eligibility.

How much does a follow-up appointment cost?

All follow-up consultations cost £65.

How much does my medication cost?

Medication is issued at one month’s supply at a time and starts at £100 upwards. The cost of medication will vary depending upon your condition, the assessment of the specialist and the type of medication prescribed.

Medical cannabis is prescribed in either flower form (inhaled via vaping) or oil form.(placed under the tongue) Only a month’s supply is prescribed at any one time. You can select to order your prescription at any eligible pharmacy.

How much does a Repeat Prescription cost?

The cost to write a repeat prescription costs £30 in the UK or £20 in Jersey. Please note that this is separate to the cost of your medication, which will vary according to your particular requirements

The Cost of Legal Medical Cannabis
Please be aware that cannabis is a schedule 2 drug. Medicinal cannabis has been legal in the UK since November 2018 – however the only legal way to possess it is via a written prescription.

Consultation pricing

First consultation

A specialist in your specific conditions will assess you to understand your needs and symptoms. A treatment plan will be designed for you.

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Follow-up appointment

A specialist in your specific conditions will assess your response to the medication and prescribe any adjustments accordingly.

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Repeat prescriptions

A prescribing doctor will issue a fresh prescription for another dosage of your medication.

Order your repeat prescription in the UK or Jersey.


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