Terms & Conditions

Registered Company Statement

The Medical Cannabis Clinics (The M C Clinics Ltd) are a Registered company, Registration number 11660986 and governed by English Law. The Medical Cannabis Clinics are a subsidiary of European Cannabis Holdings (ECH Ltd). ECH is a medical cannabis investment company.



The Medical Cannabis Clinics have made all reasonable efforts to ensure the contents of the website are true and accurate. All information has been prepared for general guidance only, it does not constitute professional medical advice. Users should contact the Clinics directly for advice concerning specific matters before making decisions.



The contents of this site belong to The M C Clinics Ltd. No part of its content or images may be used without written permission for The M C Clinics Ltd.


Regulation and Data Protection

All personnel are enrolled and regulated by relevant professional bodies.

The Medical Cannabis Clinics operates a strict confidentiality policy in relation to Patient information, in addition, it adheres to the guidelines of the General Protection Regulation 2018, formally the Data Protection act.

Patient information will be held in a Medical Management system, which stores its data in the UK and has received all relevant accreditations.

Unless written authorisation is provided by the Patient, The Medical Cannabis Clinics will not release any information to third parties regardless of the person or company making payment for the service. Patients who wish for information to be shared are waiving their Data Protection rights. The Medical Cannabis Clinics reserve the right to ask for such requests in writing from the Patient.



All Patients must be referred by a Healthcare Professional or reviewed by The Medical Cannabis Clinic’s GP.

Payment will be taken at the time the appointment is booked.


Treatment suitability

In order to assess if Patients are suitable for the treatment offered by The Medical Cannabis Clinic, Patients must complete a Medical Questionnaire before an appointment is booked or payment taken.  The Questionnaire will then been reviewed prior to appointment confirmation.



All Patients attending an appointment at any of our Clinics will be asked to sign a consent form before either the GP or Specialist can proceed with the appointment and treatment.



The Specialist will prescribe Medical Cannabis in line with the current statutory guidelines.



All complaints will be dealt with by the Registered Manager. The complaint will acknowledged within 48 hours, followed by a full written explanation with 28 days.


Follow up

All Patients will be expected to attend a review appointment with the Specialist three weeks after their initial consultation.


Cancellation charge

Refunds will only be processed if an appointment is cancelled with 48 hours notice.



The Medical Cannabis Clinics is not registered to treat anyone under 18 years.