Patient Testimonials

Please see below for a selection of reviews and testimonials left by our patients detailing their personal experience with their medical cannabis treatment. 

Our patients come to us from all walks of life, in search of treatment for a range of symptoms.

We would like to say a big thank you to our patients for telling us in their own words the impact that medical cannabis has had on their condition and quality of life. We hope this will be useful to a wider audience. 

We are proud to have been part of this journey with our patients and remain committed to helping all those that require it. 

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Patient Testimonials for Pain Conditions

Treating Pain Conditions with Medical Cannabis

“I have bad flare ups all over my body as well as pain and inflammation. This stopped me doing anything physical including normal housework such as simple polishing. If I did it the next day I would be in bed. In the last 3 months I have been able to carry out more physical things. I even did some painting”

 – M Choudhury 

“This treatment enabled me to walk & live, it hurt to walk & breathe. I was going downhill fast. Frankly, I was suicidal and could not bear the pain. It was all getting too much.  Denervation treatments were required in lumbar, thoracic, neck & shoulders as my pelvis is fusing to my spine. I have not had my injections since August 2020 and currently do not need any. My disability has been downgraded, just incredible!. Cannabis has given me my life back, and I do not say those words lightly. Thank you so much for making it possible.”

 – M Tusz

“My back pain is a lot less when using medical cannabis. My head is calmer, my mind and body are more in tune and at ease. My joints ache less when I use it.” 

– J Falla

“I suffer with lower back pain on a daily basis. Medical cannabis helps me to stretch deeper than I was able to previously, it also helps me to relax and reduces the pain so I am able to stretch for longer periods of time. I also feel like it has helped with my concentration and has also reduced my anxiety levels.”

 – D Leith

“I have chronic back pain, it affects every aspect of my life from work (I had to decrease the amount of days I work) and I have no social life. It also affects day to day chores, and I have had to adapt the way I wash and dress myself. Since I have started using medical cannabis, I feel so much better at work as I’m not in constant pain. I can do most of my chores at home unaided, I can also wash and dress a lot more easily. I also feel my mental health has vastly improved, as before I was so consumed by my pain I couldn’t think about anything else but that pain. Since using cannabis I have a very positive outlook about life.”

 – C Mcmorrow

“Before I started using medical cannabis, I was in great amounts of pain each day, plus a hit and miss appetite. My sleep was all over the place, as I was being woken up at night by the pain. Thanks to Doctor Sunny, I am sleeping and eating much better and am in less pain during the day. Thank you.” 

– J Venton

“I have a bladder condition called Interstitial Cystitis, which causes me constant pain, and I also have Myologic Encephalomyelitis, which causes me pain most days. These conditions impact every aspect of my life from stopping me from being able to work, maintain a social life and care for myself on a basic level, to being able to sit/sleep comfortably or concentrate fully on any given task. Medical cannabis has enabled me to get back a little bit of control over my life. While it doesn’t completely remove my pain it takes it to a level where I am able to do basic housework, care for my own hygiene needs, and enable me to be able to enjoy life again. It has also enabled me to stop taking some of my prescribed medications, most notably opiate pain killers.”

 – G Moore

“I had surgery for Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy (spinal cord compression) 4 years ago, but they were unable to treat the radiculopathy (nerve root compression). I have been left with nerve pain, numbness and tingling into my shoulders, arms & hands, neuropathy in my feet along with fibromyalgia and cervicogenic headaches. My life has changed so much, I can no longer take part in the activities I used to enjoy and am pretty useless with everyday chores due to pain and lack of dexterity. Since starting medical cannabis, I am thrilled I have been able to come off all opioids. My widespread fibro pain is so much better and the nerve pain is more manageable. I had reached rock bottom when I started this treatment, but I can now see glimmers of my old self.” 

– Caroline R

“I had my first consultation with Dr Nayee and, for the first time, I felt heard and truly understood. The consultation was thorough and I had all my questions answered. Since then, although it has only been  a short time, I finally feel like my old self. Since my first car accident, 2014, I had been suffering with PTSD and suffering with persistent back pain. I thought the ‘old me’ was lost forever and that I’d never be able to be comfortable and happy again. Being able to treat my symptoms with cannabis has given me a new lease of life. I’m not in constant pain and I’m able to process my trauma on my own timeframe. I felt an utter sense of hopelessness before 2021, because I had nothing else to try to get better. Now I am fiercely taking life on. I’m no longer ashamed of my symptoms and I’m not living in pain. I have hope and, for the first time in forever, I’m planning my life. Of course I still have my initial conditions, however I have control of them now. I now want to live up to my potential.”

 – H Casey

“Fibromyalgia is a condition that presents different issues for me on varying days. There is no pattern but symptoms can flare over a period of a couple of days. When I experience a flare up I suffer chronic fatigue and joint pain in particular the lumbar area. It feels like a crushing pain and I do have diagnosed severe facet joint degeneration in this area. Medical cannabis has given me parts of my life back.”

 – A Haley

“My condition is debilitating for 3-5 days of the month every month. Medicinal cannabis has completely eradicated the pain meaning I am able to function during these times.” 

– R Keeler-Schaffeler

“Without the use of cannabinoids I would not be able to function daily without pain and it also helps with slowing down my thought process so I’m able to think before I act cannabis as always been a part of that process that’s what kept me out of trouble!” 

– G L Bryan

Patient Testimonials for Psychiatric Conditions

Complex Care Medical Cannabis Treatment

My thoughts felt like a whirlwind, with millions of individual thoughts shooting through my mind but not being able to fully follow a single one, and not being able to follow a single train of thought.     It’s like being trapped in a room with a TV on, a Radio on, a Speaker system blasting death metal on, a screaming baby, a barking dog, and cannabis has turned all these sounds off. I can finally focus on one train of thought.     Cannabis has also enabled me a space of time between an event happening and my reaction. This allows me to process what’s happening and react to it in a more rational manner, which is especially helpful if I’m feeling anxious.” 

– T Waterhouse

“To finally have access to doctors who understand the benefits of cannabis to people like me who can prescribe cannabis is a dream come true.  Even just knowing it is there now, that I have legal options has made a significant impact on my life. It has given me security and hope that is hard to find some days when you have life changing chronic health conditions.  I’m only a few weeks in and I feel less anxious and stressed about my long term outlook. I am working on getting the right balance for me so I can reduce the opiates. Less stress frees up energy and gets me away from things like opiates which are very negative drugs to take in the long term and even harder to withdraw from.  However withdrawal is much easier when you are feeling more positive and indeed found something that helps more.”

 – S Munro

“I take medical cannabis mainly to aid sleep, but also for anxiety and following a recent operation, for pain. Before taking my first prescription I was lucky to get 2 – 3 sleep a night, this has increased to 5 . 6 hours sleep sometimes unbroken, this hasn’t happened for well over 10 years.  It has also alleviated bad moods and tiredness in the mornings.  Medical cannabis has had a really positive impact on my life.”

 – M Moyse

“I started self medicating with cannabis when i was 16 and have found that it did help improve my sleeping and anxiety as well as focus when i was in college. Later on after developing nerve damage I quit for a little while and the NHS put me on gabapentin which I had a very bad reaction to. I was constantly zombified and just generally felt unwell like nausea and trouble going to the toilet. I stopped taking those meds and went back to cannabis and it has made my life much more manageable.” 

– Anonymous

“I’m feeling better than I have in the last decade. I have a severe anxiety disorder, and using medical cannabis has stopped 95% of my symptoms and has caused side effects associated with my other medication to disappear completely. I’m so happy.”

 – Anonymous

“I started using medical cannabis approx 4 months ago. I use oil and flower. Although I do have my dosage guidelines, there are days that I use more, and equally days I use less. So far my experience has only been positive. I am functioning better than I have done for a long long time. I’m on top of things at home, I’m coping perfectly well with the never ending communication from school, I’m seeing friends regularly. I’ve not had one single panic attack. I have been sleeping perfectly well except for the last week, but I think a slight alteration to my medication will fix that again. And a positive unexpected side effect is that the long endured and undiagnosed leg pain I’ve suffered from, has gone completely. Not using any tobacco product is a massive bonus and I’m not producing awful mucus like I would have done previously.”

 – J Vaudin

“I have severe clinical depression and anxiety, more recently I think the underlying cause of this could be that I am anorexic which I hadn’t realised until now, I also have rather sore joints just all the time and if I am having to do lots of lifting or walking for one day my joints need a lot of time to go back to not hurting, cannabis helps me in all of these aspects, pain relief, vastly reduced anxiety and tones out the depression, cannabis also helps me get to sleep as I usually don’t feel tired.”

 – L Rosenthal

“I am prescribed for anxiety and depression and it helps keep me calm and balanced.  I can’t handle stress and many medicines make me worse with anxiety.  Cannabis keeps me calm and happy.  It enables me to be able to cope with my life.  Mentally and physically.” 

– L Reynolds

“Anxiety disorder, frequently nervous and uncomfortable, sometimes leading to anxiety attacks. Cannabis significantly reduces these problems and allows me to focus. Additionally, it helps with my sleep and relaxing my body.” 

– T Anderson

“Medical cannabis has allowed me to eat on time, get better quality and longer sleep, and while awake, provides effective pain relief. Because of the new lease on life I have due to medical cannabis, I have felt confident enough to begin my PhD and also my solicitor training. My life has been made almost indescribably better.”

 – R Halliday

“I have been clinically depressed for the last 25 years, I have been on most anti depression meds, sometimes they work sometimes they don’t. The early deaths of my mother and brother and the loss of several pregnancies have contributed to my mental state. Medical cannabis has calmed me down, I don’t cry as often as I used to.  I’m still down sometimes but I’m in a calmer place to think things through. It also helps me sleep longer instead of a few hours where I wake up exhausted. I truly believe it is helping me.”

 – N Bellis 

“Medical cannabis has eased the anxiety and I can manage much better on a day-to-day basis.” 

– J Tillotson

“It brings me down from my usual state of hyper awareness where I’d usually live in constant alert of anxiety and paranoia.  With cannabis I am able to recognize my triggers and relax in a way I cannot without. It has allowed me to get back to work and better my life significantly.” 

– C McBard

“Pre medical cannabis I don’t remember what it was like to not be in pain. The level of severity varied but it was constant. Fatigue is always a problem too, as is poor quality sleep, depression and anxiety. I have OCD so rituals were a big thing. I also have dystonia and whenever my treatment wears off I can’t speak or smile. It lasts until I next have treatment so it’s often for weeks or months at a time. Since taking medical cannabis I’ve found out what it’s like to be pain free. It’s not 100% effective all the time but there have been times when I’ve genuinely not been in any pain. I’ve also noticed two significant benefits I hadn’t expected, I haven’t had a single bout of dystonia since I started (and I’m way overdue one – my treatment wore off months ago!) and I have reduced the OCD behaviours significantly. I’m much more relaxed both physically (dystonia) and mentally (OCD).” 

– Anonymous

“Anxiety, unable to ‘turn brain off’ from intrusive thoughts, nightmares and trouble sleeping.   Medical cannabis has made me feel like I think a ‘normal’ person would. I’m sleeping much better, waking up with energy and able to do more than just the basics in terms of housework/cooking/going out.   It hasn’t cured me off PTSD, I still get triggered but the times of being triggered are so much easier to cope with.” 

– R Farmer

“I have a generalised anxiety disorder and carry it round every waking minute. Some days it’s bad and I struggle to function. Cannabis relieves this feeling and lets me carry on with life activities and also work.” 

– A Gibson

“Anxiety and depression gave me both mental and physical pain on a daily basis. Some mornings it was a struggle to get up. My mind would either be completely fogged and trying to work with that was near impossible some days. After taking the cannabis oil, I do not have the physical pain from my anxiety and I am able to rationally think about what is causing it and help to dissipate the feelings more easily.” 

– S Logan

“I have depression and generalised anxiety disorder. It involves a lot of horrible intrusive thoughts. Cannabis stops those thoughts mostly and when they do happen they’re not horrific things.   I have a lot of trouble sleeping as well and a strong Indica combined with a weighted blanket has changed my life.” 

– P Daly 

“Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, disc degeneration. Feeling sad and low esteem, low drive to do anything. Medical cannabis can give me energy and the drive to do things, it makes me a better father to my children by being more involved. it also. calms my anxiety from going into overdrive. and gives back normality to my life. it also reduces my pain in my back  to very low levels, and gives me mobility whereas opioids rarely work.” 

– C Butcher 

“I have anxiety which used to limit the things I do, places I went and stopped me sleeping every evening.    Since starting medicinal cannabis treatment, I have managed my condition naturally, without supplementing any prescription drugs at all. I am more confident and capable. I am in control of my anxiety, it no longer controls my everyday life. My attendance at work has improved with a huge reduction in anxiety related migraines and jaw pain and my contribution is far greater.     I am a better person, employee and friend with my new treatment. I truly have my life back. The cost of the medicine is nothing when it’s given me a better quality of life.”

 – C Robert

“I have ADHD and find that it really helps me calm my mind down enough to stop worrying about all the tasks I have to complete and just get on with one of them. It also helps me to deal with having a very  Low frustration tolerance, and definitely helps lift my mood in general.  The massive help is with sleeping, unmedicated I would usually get about 4-5 hours sleep, with it I am going to bed earlier and getting a full 8 hours sleep, waking up feeling rejuvenated.”

 – A Sieroczuk

“Anxiety and depression resulting from armed forces PTSD. This impacts daily life by inability to make decisions, panic feelings, self preservation feelings. Medical cannabis allows me to experience triggering scenarios with a different perspective and allows me to work on these feelings for the next time the trigger arises. I feel as if huge strides have been made in my general well-being, much further than previous medication or counselling achieved. I feel I have more control over how I react to situations and feel much happier overall as a result”

 – Anonymous

“Due to an unrelated medical condition I’ve been suffering from depression, anxiety and insomnia. Thanks to medical cannabis I don’t feel so anxious and have been sleeping a lot better.”

 – R Steptoe

“I have suffered with insomnia mostly since my son was born some 7 years ago, however, I have always been a very light sleeper, finding it difficult to get to sleep and waking up often.  As a single parent I have also found that I suffer from acute anxiety, which exacerbates insomnia.  Both anxiety and insomnia have worsened during 2020 when I went through domestic violence and divorce proceedings.  I have been prescribed various medications by my GP, all of which I have hated taking or that made me feel worse.  Since taking Savita daytime oil and Indica night flowers for just two weeks, I have slept nearly every night and anxiety is reducing.  I feel as if cannabis is resetting my mental and physical self and restoring natural homeostasis, my moods have lifted, I can function better during my day time job and, most importantly, I have more energy and presence with my son.  The benefits have been huge and positively overwhelming. There have been a few occasions over the past two weeks where I have cried happy tears because after so many years I finally feel like I am getting my health back to normal.”

 – D S L Noury

“Very difficult to sleep and switch off. The medical cannabis has alleviated this greatly which in turn allows me more energy throughout the day. This in turn allows me to do the things I need to do to help such as getting outdoors and exercising. It’s not a cure all but it has its place in the puzzle.”

 – Anonymous 

“Anxiety made me unable to work due to how low I was feeling. I was extremely unmotivated and stressed at all times. Medical cannabis allows me to get rid of all negative thoughts and function normally again. I have improved at university and fixed a lot of relationships ruined by my condition. I also struggle with an eating disorder and depression. Previous medication prescribed by my GP had very uncomfortable side effects and made me feel numb, my life was not improving.  Medical cannabis helps me to fight with those and look at the positive side of things without any side effects at all. Everything seems to be easier now. I finally enjoy being alive.”

 – D Andrzejewska

“I suffer with severe anxiety and insomnia , low THC during the days really helps me with my anxiety and higher THC content Indica based strains massively help my insomnia, I’m fully managing now without any additional prescription medication for my conditions.” 

– I Rigwell

“I struggle with low-mood, anxiety, poor self image and low self-esteem. I am very aware and understanding of my emotions however I struggle to alleviate symptoms. Medical cannabis has allowed me to try alternative medication which my GP or mental health team cannot prescribe – I feel as an individual that I am being understood as a medicinal cannabis patient. Where other traditional medications have failed, medical cannabis has allowed me ease my symptoms and really allows me to have some breathing space.    When I consume medical cannabis within a few minutes; I no longer feel anxious, I feel less tense, my mind becomes less foggy and I can concentrate which allows me to go about my day to day life. I am so grateful that I have this opportunity and I cannot express my gratitude enough.”

 – Sonny

“I have extremely severe Tourette’s in which I tic and fit constantly, cannabis transforms every part of my life by keeping them under control.”

 – J Finch

“Arthritis and Anxiety were an almost daily problem causing severe insomnia. Since being prescribed cannabis I now sleep for 6 or 7 hours a night and my mood has improved off the chart. Can’t thank Dr Ahsan enough.” 

– B Tomkins

“Depression, PTSD, insomnia, lack of appetite, lower back pain, sciatica I no longer cry everyday for silly reasons, my pain is being managed, and I’m sleeping like a baby and eating like a horse for the first time in a long time, in short, a regular supply of standardised cannabis has turned my life for the better. Thank you!” 

– C Coomer

“Medical cannabis helps me be able to manage my condition and keep my mood level which in turns helps me work, sleep and maintain relationships which was a struggle before.”

– M Gregory

“Since I have been able to source cannabis legally and consistently my quality of life and mental health has never been so good cannabis is by no means a cure to anything in my opinion but it definitely helps me to get motivated , have a routine for sleep and nutritional intake and it’s wonderful for when I am feeling particularly down I take out my trusty vape and medicine and 5/10 mins later I am feeling very positive again I can’t thank the people involved in making this a reality enough”

 – BH

I’ve suffered with anxiety & depression since I was a teenager; I’ve been on 5 different types of antidepressant, none of which have alleviated my symptoms after months of use compared to how medicinal cannabis has. There was no feeling sick for weeks on end waiting for it to work, just instant relief. I’m actually starting to enjoy life now. The cannabis helps me actually deal with the problems in my mind as it enables me to approach thoughts from a different angle, unlike antidepressants which just mask the problem. I’d recommend this treatment to anyone with anxiety, it’d be an absolute life changer.”

– J Walsh

Patient Testimonials for Neurological Conditions

Treating Neurological Conditions with Medical Cannabis

My conditions are very complex, I am mostly bed bound and on a bad day I struggle to even move my head. I suffer with muscle spasms, tremors and intense pressure pain in my head. Cannabis has lessened my tremors, it helps with the muscles spasms and even brings the pressure episodes down a few notches. A bad pressure day is easily a 10 pain level but Cannabis is the only thing that brings the pain down to a 7, possibly even a 6. Nothing else I have tried helps me.”

 – L Turner

“Cannabis helped me wean myself off the opiates I was taking. I used to have to propel myself forward using 2 walking sticks, difficulties swallowing, eyes that kept on changing focus and no humour. I can now walk, bend down, pick things up, cook my own food and keep my flat clean. The brain fog has cleared. My eyes work properly and I’ve got my sense of humour back. Since receiving real medical cannabis (from you) all the low level aches and pains have gone. When they try and start, cannabis kills them.” 

– P Fitzlyon

“Well I suffer from epilepsy, PTSD, and anxiety and medicinal cannabis is like a miracle. I always found cannabis helped but was always afraid of getting in trouble with the law and it was never good quality stuff so I gave up. Since being prescribed medicinal cannabis it’s like my life has done a u turn in the most positive of ways.” 

– C Ringland

Patient Testimonials for Gastroenterological Conditions

Treating Gastroenterological Conditions with Medical Cannabis

“I have chronic joint pain and IBD related gastric pain and discomfort. Helped me to begin exercising again and begin physio led routines to build leg muscles back before planned surgery. I can now eat in the morning with little to no stomach pains and my appetite has come back.”

 – N Sykes

“Formally diagnosed as IBS – chronic gastric pain & nausea. At its worst I was frequently off work ill, lost a significant amount of weight and was deeply depressed as a result. MedCann has allowed me to manage the pain more effectively and helps me overcome nausea – times where before I wouldn’t have eaten a meal because of pain/nausea I’m now able to medicate and eat normally. As a result my relationship with food has gotten much better and both my mental and physical health have improved.”

 – M Corbett

Testimonials for Palliative Care

Palliative Care & Medical Cannabis

I was given 2 months to live and placed in palliative care 5 years ago. I was rushed to the Royal Marsden hospital where they gave me a combination of chemotherapy drugs intensively for 6 months followed by 5 surgeries a few of which are pretty major. I was sick on chemo  and not eating when I purchased a bulk collection of whole plant extract oil and used it instantly changed my mind set. I began to eat and it also helped with being strapped to a bed 12 hours a day 7 days a week getting another level of  chemotherapy. Since the Chemotherapy and operations I unfortunately am not quite the guy I was, I have a lot of nerve damage, I get very weak and sometimes can not get out of bed. Cannabis helps no end with the mood on days like these as it can get lonely spending days in bed or resting. Without cannabis I don’t think I would be here as I believe I would have given up on about week 12 of my chemo when my body was close to the edge.” 

– N Laker 

Patient Testimonials for Complex Care

Treating Oncological Conditions with Medical Cannabis

“Type 3 muscle patterning which causes shoulder dislocation by involuntary spasming of the pectoralis major, which required multiple manipulations.    I was unable to move my arm in certain ways without the muscle groups spasming and causing a dislocation of the joint, which would require Midazolam to help relax the muscles.    Medical Cannabis has made my life a lot more bearable. I feel more motivated, less pain and have a lot more relaxed muscles which do not dislocate anywhere near as much as they used to. The contractions are still there sometimes, they are just not as powerful and don’t last as long.” 

– J White

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