Innovative premium care

The Medical Cannabis Clinics provide premium care for patients with innovative, effective and reliable treatment in each of our clinics. Our colleagues are highly motivated and focused on delivering an exclusive level of medical care to all our patients, overseen by our distinguished panel of clinical specialists. They have unmatched experience, offering a wide suite of services, and taking a multidisciplinary approach to cannabis therapy.

Our GMC registered specialists are the most experienced and respected medical cannabis practitioners in the UK. They will identify the appropriate cannabis medicine care plan products after a comprehensive assessment, including the main symptoms targeted, current medications, pattern of your symptoms and lifestyle factors such as safety-sensitive occupations. They will also monitor and adjust the medication on a regular basis to ensure the best effect with fewest side effects.

We have designed a careful process to monitor our patients’ wellbeing, with follow-up appointments after a week and then every month, for three months after receiving a prescription.

And of course, our specialist clinicians are always contactable for any queries and concerns. Patient care is our absolute priority.

Become a patient

To become a patient at the Medical Cannabis Clinics, contact our expert team.

Our specialists must consider whether medical cannabis may be a suitable treatment for you, so we ask all patients to complete a questionnaire which details your medical history, your condition and symptoms. Please return this questionnaire to us, along with a referral letter from your GP or specialist.

Your questionnaire and referral letter are then reviewed in detail by our specialists to ensure that there are no reasons why medical cannabis may not be suitable for you. If our experts are satisfied that medical cannabis treatment may benefit you, we’ll contact you to arrange an appointment with a specialist at our clinics. In exceptional circumstances, we also offer at-home consultations.

If you do not have a referral letter, you will be asked to complete the questionnaire and return it to us along with a 10-year medical summary, the results of any recent blood tests and any letters from specialists overseeing your care. Patients can obtain this information from their GP and specialists. The team will then get in touch with you to book an appointment with our in-house GP.

Our team is always on hand to help you every step of the way. Contact us or see the FAQs for more answers.

Make a referral


A consultation with one of our specialists costs £250. If you do not have a referral letter from your own GP or specialist, you will require an additional appointment with our GP which costs £100.

Follow up appointments with our specialists cost £150 and take place after three weeks and then once per month for three months after receiving the medication, to monitor progress and make adjustments to the treatment plan as required. If during the first three months everything is progressing well, it may be appropriate to continue follow-up appointments as half hour phone conversations at £50.

The cost of medical cannabis prescriptions vary depending on the products recommended for you, and the dose of the medication which varies from person to person. We employ a ‘start low, go slow approach’ to achieve symptom relief depending on your case and indications.

Taking medical cannabis treatments

At The Medical Cannabis Clinics, we have ‘start low, go slow approach’ to achieve symptom relief for patients at the lowest dose required. Medical cannabis can be prescribed orally as a capsule, oil or tincture, with a vaporiser – often referred to as a vape – or as a lotion, balm, oil or topical cream applied to the skin.

Your clinician will work closely with you to ensure that you are confident in taking your prescribed medical cannabis in the most effective way for your condition and symptoms.