Welcome to The Medical Cannabis Clinics

The Medical Cannabis Clinics is a multidisciplinary team of leading experts committed to providing patients with the most effective medicinal cannabis treatments.  

Medicinal cannabis has been proven to treat a wide range of conditions, including but not limited to:

  • Pain
  • Neurological Disorders
  • Psychiatric Disorders
  • Oncological Conditions
  • Complex Conditions
  • Gastroenterological Conditions

While medicinal cannabis has improved the lives of many, patients within the UK are still finding it difficult to access treatment.

The Medical Cannabis Clinics provide a safe, legal and fully-supportive service. By assigning you a personal doctor, you will be guided through the treatment process in a way which suits you.

Initial Appointments

Your journey begins with an initial assessment appointment. This consultation is designed to allow you to talk through your conditions and symptoms with a specialist doctor and to address any questions or concerns. Lasting up to an hour with prices beginning at £150, The Medical Cannabis Clinics are currently the ONLY service offering face-to-face video consultations with licensed specialists to those who can’t – or prefer not to – attend one of our physical clinics.

Follow Up Appointments

Follow up appointments also last an hour. Working closely with your assigned clinician, you will develop a comprehensive treatment plan, which takes into account your conditions, symptoms, lifestyle patterns and existing medications.


Our GMC registered professionals will prescribe the medication which best suits you, which you can opt to have delivered directly to your home. During this time, a specialist will monitor and adjust the medication on a regular basis to ensure the best effect with the fewest side effects. Once you have begun treatment, appointments are every week and then every month, for three months after receiving a prescription.

Appointments are via video consultation

Initial appointment – £200

Follow up appointments – £110

All appointments are with one of our specialist doctors, and last up to 1 hour.

Innovative medical cannabis treatments

To become or to refer a patient for treatment, fill in the details via the form on this page.

Our specialists will make an expert assessment to evaluate if medical cannabis treatment may alleviate your condition. They will take into account your medical history, national guidelines and your particular needs.



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Introducing The Medical Cannabis Clinics

Professor Mike Barnes introduces The Medical Cannabis Clinics. The clinics prescribe safe, consistent and GMP standard cannabinoid medications, including those which contain THC, which is otherwise illegal outside of prescription. Patients at The Medical Cannabis Clinics can see specialists who are experts in their fields – from chronic pain to neurological conditions and psychiatry.